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Looking for ready mixed wood fillers read my Ronseal ready mixed wood filler review

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Multi purpose wood filler, Ronseals ready mixed wood filler When and where to use it, how does it perform?


Ronseal ready mixed wood filler



A traditional ready mixed wood filler (not lightweight) it's not a product i would normally use on new woodwork typically you are having to fill deep screw/nail holes in pine joinery.

Some ready mixed products can dry harder than the substrate timber making it very difficult to sand without damaging the bare wood surrounding the filled area.

Epoxy fillers can be troublesome in this respect but often epoxy fillers or two pack mix filler is specified on some new builds.

Mixing powder filler is an option but often does not have the strength to create a long lasting fill, it can after a short time during the drying process begin to fall out or crack away from the timber or screw head.

So  a ready mixed filler that has user friendly qualities, combined with a fast drying time is a great addition in many ways a time and money saver.

Ronseal multi purpose comes in a range of colours so it also good for filling timber that is being stained rather than painted.

In this video i use the white version as its easy to see once dry.

It has a slightly runny consistency from the tub  but as soon as it hits any surface it begins to firm up so it does not dribble out of the deep screw holes etc.

A screw on lid design keeps the product fresh for use and its handy size makes it easy to carry around in a pocket.

I found it did save me time and i was very pleased with its one fill application and its easy to sand formula, not too soft and not too firm.

A great product i would definitely buy again.


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