Sunday, 29 March 2015

Wooster products at Screwfix



I have noticed that my local screwfix outlet now stock a small range of wooster products
I think that this is great news and i fully support them.
You can get some silver tip brushes and 9 inch frames and sleeves
Sherlock roller poles
Pelican scuttles and liners
Lock jaw tool holder
Exquisite superflow brushes
It is a small range but i'm sure overtime it will grow it's really great to see such high quality products available so conveniently local without having to order online.
I would recommend using the online stock checking tool on the screwfix website where you can reserve for collection

Acrylic satinwood paint by Dulux a review

I find that satin wood paint is becoming evermore popular but some times i struggle with the coverage and finish getting the balance right can be a pain.

Dulux quick dry satinwood brilliant white

I found this product

Is easy to apply without overloading

Has a nice smooth level finish

Gives excellent coverage

Was very easy to apply gives the user plenty of time to lay off

Only required two coats for perfect coverage

You don't have to overload the surface trying to get it to cover

Nice sharp white finish

Price wise, very competitve and easily available

Overall an excellent product  

For  customers who request a gloss finish i use johnstones acrylic gloss paint, it has a great shine but i not a huge fan of the acrylic satin they produce.
I'm now happy that i can be confident and offer an equally good satin finish with Dulux satinwood