Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Star ceilings, how to turn any ceiling into a glow in the dark galaxy with simple tools and of course glow in the dark paints

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I recently contacted  Mark Watts regarding his ebook instructional on how to create star ceilings.

Mark very kindly sent me a copy and its a nice clear concise ebook detailing his techniques with some good tips on setting up and the tools and materials required .

I will be doing some star ceilings as friends and family have shown a great interest in having something a little more unusual .

One of marks pupils had a ceiling creation featured on diy sos tv show the video with the unveiling segment is a nice touch.


I have done some research on the glow in the dark paints , these are acrylic based and are safe non toxic etc ,.

The prices vary depending on quality, expect to pay £9.99 for 30ml of paint (Glowtec)

Alternatively you could buy a kit from £34.99 

the star ceiling e book can be purchased from the link below. 

Click Here!


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