Monday, 27 January 2014

Painting aluminium shop windows? which paint to choose

paint painting Aluminium shop windows commercial premises how to update a tired paint finish, try johnstones smooth metal paint.

Faced with this problem when asked to repaint the shop front of a fast food premises.

The owner required a colour to match his existing colours on his other premises.

The surface to be repainted was of a mixed construction painted aluminium and PVC snap in inserts, the colour was deep grey and the surface was blistering and tired.

my local paint supplier recommended johnstones smooth metal paint after hearing my concerns regarding drying times when using an ordinary oil based under coat and gloss system.

Now i was slightly dubious when told no primer, undercoat was required with this product and that i could  clean up and thin  the paint with ordinary white spirits!

It was a very nice product to use and my worries were unjustified as the finish after three coats was a transformation that everyone was happy with.


The video below shows me applying the final of three coats.






The technique i chose to use was brush and roll with a synthetic one inch brush (cutting in) and a full bristle synthetic two inch for the larger areas, its quite a thick paint to apply and has a good workable drying time which allowed me to then finish the surface with a four inch foam roller. 


price was around £43.00 for 2.5 litres


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