Monday, 20 January 2014

How to make make your shabby chic table painting project unique, easy step by step instructional video shows you how.

Learn how to stencil a lace effect onto your table top,
you will need
1. A table
2. Paints
3. Lace curtain or tablecloth
4.Spray paint

Up cycling an old lace net curtain to create a stunning lace effect on my coffee table.
After the usual preparation prior to painting sanding cleaning dust removal etc i painted the table with subtle cream acrylic paint (two coats) we then allowed the table to dry overnight.
The large lace net curtain was a charity shop purchase  mere £2.50 we then lay the lace flat over the table.
Take some gold coloured spray paint and gently spray across the lace don't spray too close or heavy less is most certainly more in this example!
The lace was then removed to reveal this unique stencil effect you see in my video,finally two coats of acryic varnish to protect the finish.


Coming up see me up cycle a old cutlery box into a stunning jewellery box

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