Sunday, 25 September 2016

Old paint brushes versus new brushes for cutting in with paints

My hand trimmed brushes compared with old worn brushes 

If you are a pro decorator you may be lucky to have some worn down brushes for use with cutting in tasks

They can take forever to wear down and once they have become the right shape the stock and handle of the brushes are pretty tired, the bristles are often clogged and crusty. 

Bad example!

My version  

Spot the difference

looks a bit tired!

My version

Our own brand of brushes are now available from Ebay where i usually sell modified hamilton perfection brushes.

Or alternatively we now supply brushes called the edge paint brush to the decorating warehouse Edge brushes from the decorating warehouse

 If you have ever wondered how the professional decorator gets those neat straight lines and edges when painting the secret is they sometimes use a worn down paint brush or "cutting in" brush specifically for this task
 The Edge paint  brush range has been created exclusively for us  to provide our customers with a  brand new paint brush  capable of getting that  all important professional finished look
 these clever painting tools  can make this task a cinch
 edge brushes can be used for painting against glass on Georgian or sash windows, the edges of woodwork on door frames or skirting boards also you can get those all important neat tidy lines with emulsion paints and coloured varnishes!
each brush is carefully crafted and modified by hand by a professional decorator  so be assured these tools are not mass produced,  our supplier is based locally to us and is in fact the creator of this method of modifying brushes

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