Friday, 17 February 2012

My first roller pole!

As mentioned in my previous blog i was apprenticed to an old fashioned decorating firm old techniques and habits being the order of the day.
for instance to paint a ceiling we would have to set up a scaffold type access which sounds grand but merely involved a pair of wooden stepladders either side of the room with a batten or plank spanning the space, after applying the paint generously "cos you aint payin for it lad" the whole apparatus would be moved one man either side to paint the next "shift".
It all sounds very complicated and believe me it was! it was also the only way it was to be done. UNTIL!!!!
Myself and fellow apprentice shane were sent to a building site to first or mist coat a bungalow, it was a new build by a local building firm notorious for their luxuriously long tea breaks, five or six men would troop religiously into a shed containing a gas stove and a collection of cronky chairs to break, it was my first experience of seeing just how childish grown men could be! after being at school i thought i had truly seen it all as far as bad behaviour was concerned.
These blokes builders, joiners,plumbers etc could make us laugh so hard we could barely breathe.
Any way before i start telling bawdy tales and get x rated back to roller poles.
we were left to paint the spacious bungalow with the before mentioned scaffold and despite asking our boss to get us a roller pole he point blank refused!
Not to be outdone we pinched two sweeping brush handles and whittled the ends so we could with effort screw the poles into the roller frames and away we went.
We were due to be picked up at 4.30 that afternoon and presented the boss with the whole bungalow coated, to say he was stunned was an understatement we explained how we had done it, by the next day the trestles and steps were ditched in favour of the new fangled pole.

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